Avoid Late Fees

Late Fees

July 13th, 2021

Some storage operators seem to delight in exacting late fees... we'd rather help you avoid them altogether. Seguin Storage is pleased to offer our customers a handy way of paying their storage space rent automatically on the first of each month. Most people have a bank account (checking or savings), or even a credit card they can link up to fund the payments without having to think about them. The automatic payments save you time of mailing payment, money in postage, hassle of having to remember, and the cost of late fees. Our ACH bank automatic payments work great and don't cost anything to set up... in fact, we are happy to give you $10 off the admin fee, just for signing up. So, it's cheaper, saves time, saves the hassle of remembering to send payment each month. Pretty Cool, huh?

Moving out? We require 5 days notice, just fill out this form and you'll be ready to vacate your unit.

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