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July 13th, 2021

When you hear self-storage what is your first thought? Some might say residential storage or storage to keep belongings in-between living situations, but what most people don’t consider is that self-storage facilities can be a beneficial tool for a lot of businesses.


So, your next question would be- what type of business could benefit from self-storage-right? Well to be honest there are many industries that have found self-storage beneficial with their day-to-day operations. Let’s talk detail:
· Contractors- this specific industry requires many materials and equipment to complete a job, so being able to store items in a secured spot with long business hours is ideal.
· Retail- this industry requires different types of inventory, so what better way to maximize space by putting a few extra items in a climate-controlled unit. · Offices- an industry full of files and guess what, more files, so self-storage could minimize clutter and help with organization.
· Realtors and political candidates - an industry where you must place signs and other marketing materials around town so, once a house is sold or a campaign is done you can place these signs in a unit to maintain their condition for future use.

Now, although these are just a few of the main business industries around, there are so many ways a storage facility can be beneficial to day-to-day operations.


Understanding some benefits for the industries is interesting, but why go that route? Well, because you are not only freeing up space, but you are helping your business by improving the overall operations of the company. Here are some more benefits:
· Save Money- who doesn’t like saving money? I know I do! Since we are in a generation full of technology many local businesses are being creative and finding ways to operate without having a true office. So, utilizing a storage unit to keep inventory is a great way to go. Afterall the rate of renting a storage unit is way less than renting an office space. As well as having the option of a month to month contract vs yearly contract. (see our rates)
· Prime Location- what better way of storing your items at a location that is convenient for everyone. If you have to dive all over town you are spending money on gas, so why not be located at a location that is easy for everyone no matter where you are going. (check out our location)
· Business Center- not only do have the convenience and affordability of self-storage, but if you are needing to hold a meeting or any other function you are in luck, because not only is Seguin Storage a storage facility, but you can rent out the office space to hold any event! (contact us)

Knowing the benefits of self-storage for business is always helpful, especially when you are looking to improve operations, save money and time! Visit to see how our industry can help yours!

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