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Living in Texas can be beneficial in many ways, but as we all know our weather conditions are all over the place. One day it will be nice in the 70’s then the next day it is raining and 30 degrees. It can become very frustrating, especially for boat owners because they are unsure when to cover or not cover their boats. For many owners they are wanting to secure the condition of the boats, mainly because they are not cheap. So instead of spending many hours trying to figure out the best solution let Seguin Storage help you out. Below are a few storing options. SHRINK WRAP Pros: Seals dirt, debris, rain, snow and critters Protects from cold and warm weather · Forms to fit almost any style of boat tightly Cons: Cost Traps moisture, which leads to condensation then mold Must shrink wrap yourself with propane-fired heat gun Purchase support system, ventilation and straps Can’t access the interior until you are ready to remove the wrap TARP COVERS Pros: Inexpensive Weather resistant Wide range of uses Cons: Need to purchase bungee cords Not fully covered Poor protection from elements (rain, snow, sleet, hail) Poor longevity HOME Pros: Easy access Cost Cons: HOA Exposed to elements (rain, snow, sleet, hail) Exposed to pest Lack of Security DOCKING Pros: Easy Access No moving Cons: Docking fees Exposed to elements (rain, snow, sleet, hail) Barnacles Security SELF- STORAGE Pros: Variety of storage options Drive-up access 24-hour access Advanced security features Protection from rodents Cons: Price Although it might seem stressful to choose the proper type of storage for your boat, understanding the pros and cons for the different types of storage options are important. At Seguin Storage we provide a variety of options to help you keep your prized possession in top notch shape. But we recognize that choosing the right space is completely up to you, so picking an option that works best ...

Alyssa Villegas
December 19th, 2019