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July 13th, 2021

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent. – Author unknown

Have you ever tried to walk into a facility and the door was locked and the only way to access it was by using a specific key? These types of facilities are utilizing ACCESS CONTROL- a limited access system that controls physical or virtual resources by only granting access to those with certain privileges for that specific unit. WHAT WE OFFER Like many other companies, Seguin Storage is enhancing our property’s security by using an access control system. Why? Because we are trying to optimize every aspect of security throughout. Such systems will enhance building safety and security while maintaining a few basic components which work together for optimal functionality. Our facility will have 11 keypad entrees that can be accessed with the code of your choice. As well as an access controlled gated system that will allow you to use the same code to enter our facility. Our buildings will have their own keypad entry ensuring only individuals using that specific unit can access it. Each door will also have electronic door locks incorporated. This type of security feature allows for the door to stay locked until the user inputs the right credentials, which at that point will send a signal to the door for it to be temporarily unlocked. The reason this is necessary is because we want to ensure people aren’t entering our premises without notice. OUR GOAL Now, we do understand that this can seem a bit much, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? One of our main goals is to intricate our security system and use every safety feature available to keep everyone safe and free of worries. We will take every step possible on our end but will need the help of our consumers too. This is how you can help:
  • DO NOT tailgate. If you have more than one car coming in give them your code and we can change your code if you don’t feel safe with them having that information.
  • DO NOT prop door open.
  • DO NOT try to beat the system it will set an alarm off.
Again, we can not promise zero theft because it happens, but we will do our job in keeping our security process maintained as well as keeping our occupants safe. Take that extra step with us and Reserve today!

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