Choosing Your Lock


July 13th, 2021

So, you’ve found a unit at Seguin Storage and want to lock up your things. Not all facilities are the same, most don’t have the flexibility that Seguin Storage has. Although theft is not common at storage facilities, it does happen. Most facilities in Seguin, you use your own lock, and you’re welcome to do the same at Seguin Storage. But here are some things you should consider when making your lock selection.

Shackle Padlocks
These look like the standard padlocks we grew up with, remember your locker at school? They are common and inexpensive, but not the most secure. Although made with hardened steel, the loop bar is susceptible to bolt cutters or mini grinders you can purchase at Home Depot for 30 bucks, & as seen opening the doors on the TV show Storage Wars.

Disc Locks
Disc locks are the most popular self-storage locks, as they are resiliently strike-proof, drill proof and pick-proof. Their thick shackle fits tightly around your storage unit door latch, making it difficult to cut or grind. However, a skilled person can cut or grind a disk lock almost as quickly as a shackle padlock.

Cylinder Locks
Some facilities are beginning to equip their units with "Cylinder locks". These are the most secure and tamper proof locks available. Housed internally within the storage units door (similar to most front door locks on people’s homes), these cannot be cut or ground off with bolt cutters. They don’t stick out from the door with no raised surfaces to tamper with. The key mechanism inside is also superior to other locks, in that they have over 20,000 different key combination options, whereas many padlocks only have a dozen different key combination options. Key replication requires very specialized machines to make the keys (the are also cylindrical), so it's hard for anyone else to have a copy. ONLY YOU have the keys to your unit! This photo of our latch shows that we can accommodate padlocks, disk and cylinder locks. Watch our how-to video on cylinder locks.

Bottom Line
Due to how easily padlocks can be broken or picked, we do not sell or recommend anything but cylinder locks. Because we don’t guarantee the safety and security of your belongings, we recommend you don’t leave you belongings vulnerable. However, you are free to use whatever lock you choose at your risk.

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