High Security Gate Access


July 13th, 2021

Did you know that One in ten U.S. households now rent a self-storage unit?

After understanding the amount of people in need and the amount of crime, SEGUIN STORAGE is taking all precautions to avoid such happenings. With a 24FT by 6FT tall ORNAMENTAL IRON SLIDE GATE, we are taking security very seriously. Our gate will have an ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM, which will be monitored 24/7 and our system will only grant access to valid codes and track all entries and exits. With keypad locks and security intercoms we are incorporating top of the line technology to help ensure a secure facility for the town of Seguin and surrounding areas.

WE NEED HELP Now, unfortunately we cannot fully promise security or safety for our clients, but we are going to do everything in our power to make our property secure and safe for everyone! That said Seguin Storage cannot do this alone so, we will also need the help of our clients to assist in ensuring safety with a few basic rules once a rental unit is rented and that includes:
  • Choose a code that doesn’t involve known criteria (ex: address or birthdate)
  • Don’t write your access code anywhere unsafe and properly discard anything that has the access code on it
  • No tailgating
CONCLUSION We know safety is always a concern, especially when you are housing personal items. Therefore, with a history of 30 years of experience Compound Security Specialists are providing us with top notch service to maintain the security aspect of self-storage units and help SEGUIN STORAGE hold a high standard when it comes to theft. Wouldn’t you feel comfortable choosing a secure, access-controlled, gated facility?

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