Ambient Units - Explained

Unit Type

July 13th, 2021

Non-Climate-Controlled units are also referred to as Ambient-Air units. These type of storage units usually match the outside temperatures, but during the extremely hot summers, the temperature inside the unit will far exceed the outdoor temperature due to the exposure of the sun, especially being in Texas. Ambient units are typically ground level, exterior accessed units, which makes loading and unloading a lot more convenient than a climate-controlled units. These units can sometimes be referred to as “drive-up storage units” because they function and appear like garages. How do you know if non-climate-controlled units are right for you? Well, no matter what your items will be protected, but the factor is the change in temperatures. If the items, you store are not sensitive to changes in temperatures a non-climate-controlled unit will be a good fit for you. Another perk of a non-climate-controlled unit is the price range. You will find these specific units at a 10%-20% lower cost compared to a climate-controlled unit.

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