Onsite Property Management


July 13th, 2021

"What's measured improves" - Peter F. Drucker

How comfortable would you feel if you rented a storage unit and there was no one to answer any questions you had?

At Seguin Storage we offer an on-site property manager who will be available Monday – Friday 9AM- 6PM and Saturday- Sunday 11AM- 3PM.

They will be there to assist current and prospective customers with all needs and services such as:
· Touring the property
· Viewing a variety of unit sizes for specific needs
· Answering any questions · Demonstrate how to access the buildings
· Go over all safety features

Seguin Storage is aware that each individual has their own unique needs, therefore we are always looking at ways to improve our customer experience and have trained our management to answer each and every requirement that needs to be addressed.

Not only are they there for questions and concerns they are also there for security purposes; Property Managers overlook the entire facility. Being on-site 6 days a week they are able to see any changes as they are happening and fix them before they become a problem. Along with our video surveillance, which runs 24/7 our manager will have access to view videos at any time and see if there is any unusual activity going on.

Now, we understand our customers want to trust their facility when it comes to safety, therefore no matter where you decided to rent from remember it is important to have a facility with an on-site manager because they:
· Screen out problem tenants
· Are your point of contact for any concerns
· Maintain a clean environment
· Ensure no illegal activity is going on
· Understands customers’ needs
· Finds a solution

REMEMBER a competent property manager can add significant value to tenants! So, we understand that finding the right place to store your valuables can be important, so Seguin Storage is here to make things as simple as possible-hit our slogan “Storage Made Simple”. We want the best for our consumers and are going above and beyond to do so.

Stay safe and reserve with us today!

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