Self-Storage Locks Explained


July 13th, 2021

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart. - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Storage units can come in handy if you have too many belongings and not enough space to store them in your house. However, no matter what storage facility you choose their value weakens quickly if they are not secured properly. Though storage facilities take precaution to protect their customers by utilizing fencing and access-controlled gates, the absolute, best way to secure your valuables is by adding your own lock.

There are many different locks to choose from, especially if you walk into a hardware store but knowing what they offer and they quality of safety is always a plus. Cylinder Lock- These locks are known to be used for many entry door lock-sets for homes. They are typically stronger than typical locks and are harder to pick. The Cylindrical lock fits in an elongated hole on the latch plate. In place, a cylinder lock resembles a regular door lock and its appearance is flat requiring a key for opening. PROS:
  • Housed internally
  • Reasonable price
  • Cannot be cut
  • Strike-proof, drill-proof and pick-proof
  • Easy to re-key
  • Not every facility has the hardware
Disc Lock- These locks will provide your storage area with long-term added security that can stand most harsh weather conditions. Not only are these locks very secure, but they come in a wide variety of sizes. They are round, like a disc, and are much more difficult to break into than a u-shaped padlock. PROS:
  • Highest protection against manipulation
  • Harder to pic
  • heavy-duty stainless steel
  • thickly built shackle
  • Incompatible with some door latches
Combination Pad Lock- These locks are for basic locking needs. This padlock features a four-digit combination lock with over 10,000 possible combinations. You also have the option to reset the combination at any time. Although it is cost efficient It provides minimal security. PROS:
  • Key-less
  • Re-settable combination
  • Cost efficient
  • hard to see when you are trying to enter your combination
  • Easy to cut
  • Forgotten Passwords
  • Tumblers can malfunction or stick in some situations
  • Most aren’t suited for heavy-duty or high-security applications
CONCLUSION Although it can be hard to choose a lock for your storage unit you want to remember a general rule- the more you pay, the more security you will get provided with. But regardless of the type of lock you decide to go with you want to always make sure the dimensions of the lock will fit with your storage unit door latch and will withstand the amount of security for your liking. *Seguin Storage provides door latches for all the above locks- reserve your spot today! *

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