Summer Storage Solutions


Bryan Perez
July 13th, 2021

Technically we aren’t quite in Summer yet, but as usual the hot temperatures outside say otherwise. Texans certainly don't wait for the first day of summer to start having a good time! Our team here at Seguin Storage knows you are ready to focus on fun and relaxation with the family, so we’ve put together some ways we can help y'all have a great summer.
Winter Storage
Here in Central and South Texas we don’t tend to have much winter clothing, but we definitely go all out with decorations for the holidays. If your winter gear is creating clutter in your home or garage then you may end up spending half the summer time trying to organize your vacation supplies, camping and fishing gear, etc. A self-storage unit with easy access can get the mess out of the way until you need it again.
Store Valuables While Away Speaking of vacations, how much time will you be spending away from your home this summer? Your valuables deserve a high level of protection even when nobody is home. Homeowners have been turning to self storage as a way to ensure their property is locked down and secure. Seguin Storage keeps a close eye on our units via 24/7 camera surveillance and employees on-site 7 days a week most of the year. Boat & RV Storage Summer presents many great opportunities for boating at Canyon Lake or the Gulf Coast, but keeping the boat always taking up a space in the driveway can be a hassle. More importantly, leaving the boat open accessible for damage and theft can be a big risk. One of the best options to avoid this risk is to keep your boat protected inside of an enclosed boat storage unit. Seguin Storage has a building and a half dedicated to large, easily accessible units with electricity and lights in the units for boats, RVs, or any other large toys or belongings you need to keep safe. These units go up to 12’x35’ and can even be used as staging areas to prepare for serious fishing trips.
College Vacation With Texas State University and Texas Lutheran University so close by, our units often come in handy for students who need a temporary space for keeping things safe in town while they go home for the summer. Why move all that heavy furtniture back home when it can just be stored in town? Storage units come in very handy between leases as well. Having a staging place to keep things out of the way during the moving process can help make the process significantly easier.
Garage Cleaning & Family Visits Summer is always a good time to clean out the garage from the past year, especially if you have family coming to visit! Some old junk should probably be thrown away, but if your belongings need to be kept safe we can help. Storage space, even something as small as a 5'x5' storage unit, can help get those things that aren’t often used into a safe place and out of the way. Keeping your home and work spaces neat and tidy can be a challenge with a lot of belongings, but Seguin Storage is here to help! Give us a call at 830-202-2006 if you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our friendly storage specialists.

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