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July 13th, 2021

"For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind." - Eleanor Everet
When you think of renting a storage unit what expectations would you have? For most it will include cleanliness and security. Why? Well, when you think about it, wouldn’t you want to store your belongings at a facility where your possessions will maintain the same condition? More importantly, wouldn’t you expect to have a safe place to store these items without worrying about them being stolen? Well, our goal is to provide you with every aspect possible when it comes to security!

PIECE OF MIND A peace of mind is a feeling of being safe or protected. Therefore, when looking for a facility you should understand that some partner with outside security specialist and some don't. After some research and searching for the right company Seguin Storage has chosen to pair up with Compound Security in order to help build a secure facility for every customer. With their 30 years of experience we are expecting to deliver a top-notch security system for everyone! Our video surveillance system will consist of almost 20 cameras throughout our facility. We will also have 49” monitor screens located inside the office for live surveillance during working hours. As well as 24/7 recordings throughout the facility, allowing Seguin Storage to have full access to review videos at any time, ensuring there is no suspicious activity happening at any point. How does that sound? Knowing that your property will have ears and eyes on them, even when there isn’t staff on site! Sounds Great, huh? That being taken into consideration safety is always a TOP priority for Seguin Storage because we want the best for our customers!

WHAT TO LOOK FOR Now, no matter where you decide to store your belongings you should ALWAYS look for security features within a facility. Listed below are some features that should be considered:
  • Gate Access- Electronic-entry gates with personalized passcodes ensure safety by allowing the facility to monitor who is always entering and exiting the facility.
  • Lighting- Having a well-lit facility will help wean off any thieves.
  • On-site Management- Allows the facility to be monitored daily.
  • Video surveillance- Allows any issues to reviewed and help prevent thieves.
  • Alarms- Alarms allow full comfort with anyone trying to enter a location, especially knowing there will be an automatic connection with security officials.
Again, no matter where you decide to store you belongings you should always take that extra step in understanding and looking for security features for top of the line protection. Seguin Storage will offer all the above features in hopes to make you feel comfortable with taking that step and trusting our facility with your possessions. As well as continuing to strive to hit every aspect of security in hopes to provide our customers with that “PEACE OF MIND”. BOOK YOUR UNIT TODAY!

"Storage Made Simple"!

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