Tidying up your home for a showing? Seguin Storage is a great place to park your things while you’re selling your home or waiting on a new home. Many of our customers are renovating an area of their home and need to temporarily store things to make way for contractors. Or perhaps you just want to declutter and reclaim some space, whatever the reason, we’re here to help you find the right space for your belongings. After hours, call us or visit our online Size Guide to help you identify the space you might need. Our Units Available & Prices will show you what’s currently available. Once you “Move in” in our software, you’re given access to our locks via a vending machine inside the gate, or in our office during working hours, and ONLY YOU have the keys to your unit. All our leases are month-to-month, and you can change your storage unit space and location without penalty. Easy and flexible – that’s how we roll at Seguin Storage.
Family Moving

Pharmaceutical Storage

Need warehousing space that meets FDA standards? Our Climate control units reassure you that your products remain between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. No need to carry items in your vehicle anymore to get stolen or damaged, store your fast-moving products near the storage units door for easy access 365 days a year.
Medical Medicine

Construction Storage

Keep materials, supplies, equipment and files in a safe & secure location, always available for quick, easy pick-up from drive-up locations at Seguin Storage. Our free hand trucks or dollies make loading easy & convenient. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, carpenter, HVAC, installer, engineer, architect, we are ideally located at the intersection of two major highways.
Construction supply parts

Real Estate & Professional

Our climate-controlled storage is perfect for storing sales materials, files, records, displays, signs, or about anything your office needs to store in a safe & secure environment. Our easy access units make grabbing things on the go simple & easy.
Real Estate

Retail Storage

Seasonal items, sales displays, organized racks of product, extra products from a volume discount, or anything your store needs to place in a safe & secure location. Our retail customers love how clean Seguin Storage is. Our FREE hand trucks and first floor access make moving items easy. And, our controlled gate access, building access and cylinder unit locks make Seguin Storage the perfect place for your retail goods.
Retail Storage


Store your dorm stuff over the summer or on semester breaks. It's a pain to keep hauling your stuff around all the time, so use our FREE truck or Penske rental to keep your belongings in Seguin. Better yet, save money by renting a larger unit with your friends & save money per person. It’s easy, fast and secure.


Many of our valued customers store their antique cars to keep them safe from potential damage. All our units are fully enclosed behind our security gates and video surveillance to ensure your investment is safe from vandals, thieves, & outdoor elements. Many of our customers love our FREE Car vacuum to clean up their vehicle after moving, it's located on the east end of Building B. We sell oil capture mats for using under your vehicle. Here's a Tip-Placing a few packets of silica inside the stored car to help preserve the inside.
Car Vacuum

Military Storage

Whether your shipping out or shipping in, we've got you covered.  We offer active military a 10% discount on all storage spaces and supplies. Store your RV, Boat or vehicles while you're away.  You can reserve space, get a lock and move in all online anytime of the day or night.  Our Leasing office is available extra hours to serve you at those odd hours; M-Sat 6-10 & Sun 9-5.  Our FREE use of our truck is ideal for easy moving in & out.  
Military Storage

RV, Trailer

No other storage facility in the tri-county area offers fully enclosed storage with free electric in each unit so you can maintain batteries with a charger. Save your toy’s roof from sun damage, help protect your recreational vehicle from break-ins & damage. Some area municipalities do not allow recreational vehicles to be stored within view of the neighbors, so storing it with us makes sense.

Tip-Placing a few packets of silica inside helps preserve the inside.
Hispanic Family RV

Boat Storage

Dry-dock your boat but have access to it 365 days a year. Our storage doors are 12’ and 14’ high, plenty of room for your taller cabin roofs, covered center consoles or cover framing. Our storage allows you to keep your boat on it's trailer. Tip-Placing a few packets of silica inside helps preserve the inside


We all could use some extra space around the house, and storing away seasonal items is a great way to tidying up the home and keeping your holiday decorations dry, organized, safe and secure.