Green Padlock Seal

Your new unit will be sealed with a “Green Padlock Seal”. This seal is used to make sure no one is tampering with the unit before you move-in, always ensuring a clean unit. If you do not see this seal, or if it has been tampered with please notify management as soon as possible at 830-202-2006. When you are ready to move-in you will need to remove the green seal. You can do this by clipping the wire with wire cutters or you can twist it back & forth until the wire breaks (might require a little force). Once you have the seal removed please dispose of it properly and replace with the lock of your choice.

Referral Bonus

We offer a great referral bonus to our tenants! There are referral cards available in our office which you can fill out and give to anyone you know who is in need of a storage unit. You each fill out your respective side of the card, then the new tenant brings the card in to get $50 off a new storage unit and you will get $25 off one month's rent. It's just that easy!